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CDT technical reports for year 2023

CDT (Centro de Desarrollos Tecnológicos), OAN division in Yebes became an independent center since 2011

Number of technical reports this year: 3

Precision manufacturing with a bridge-type CNC milling machine - User guide
A. Bollo, M. Pérez, Ó. García-Pérez, G. Gómez, D. Regajo, F. Tercero
CDT Technical Report 2023-1
Time domain analysis of coaxial switches for CDMS calibration
L. Rubio-Escribano, G. Pino-Linares, P. García-Carreño
CDT Technical Report 2023-2
Measured Performance of YH90420 Cryogenic Quadrature 4-20 GHz Hybrids
I. Malo, J.D. Gallego, M.C. Diez, I. López-Fernández, R. Amils, R. García, G. Martínez
CDT Technical Report 2023-3